The Conference offers a platform to a variety of stakeholders in the cocoa and

chocolate industry



The next Chocoa Conference will be held on Friday March 6th 2015. The aim of Chocoa is to stimulate the production and consumption of sustainable cocoa and chocolate. The Conference offers a platform to key note speakers in the industry. In collaboration with the Royal Tropical Institute, we invited representatives of conventional and niche markets from producing and consuming countries to share their innovations, experiences and indepth knowledge during lectures and sessions. 

Large manufacturers and distributors of chocolate are committing themselves more and more to the principles of sustainable cocoa. In 2010 the Dutch Government signed a treaty with large companies aiming for a 100 per cent sustainable cocoa consumption in The Netherlands by 2025. How far are they with achieving those goals? National and international policies on sustainable cocoa have been further discussed.

There will be lectures, debates and parallel sessions about the current problems and opportunities. The demand is growing while the general production of cocoa is declining. What can be done to tackle this? What are the consequences of climate change on cocoa production? Also the opportunities will be examined. For example, could the promotion of gender equality positively influence the production?

The Conference aspires to bring about more than a one-off discussion. During the first edition of Chocoa, the Royal Tropical Institute launched the Cocoa Connect website, a digital platform where knowledge about sustainable cocoa and networks is being shared. Since then virtual workgroups have been facilitated who continued the debate online. The results of these discussions have been presented during Chocoa's Conference 2014.

Missed it or want to refresh your memories? The presentations are now available on the Cocoa Connect website.

We will soon publish the themes of the next Conference on March 6th 2015. For questions you can reach us at



Friday March 6th 2015
Time 10.00 - 18.00

The Chocoa Conference is organised in collaboration with the Royal Tropical Institute and will take place in the Beurs van Berlage. This historical building, located in the heart of Amsterdam, was originally used as a commodity exchange center. Here, the price of cocoa was determined by the mechanism of supply and demand.

For questions you can reach us at

 De Beurs van Berlage | Damrak 243 | 1012 ZJ Amsterdam



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