Dates: February 24th, 2017
Time: 9:00 – 19:00h
Location: Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam


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chocoa conference

Participate in a debate on the edge of innovation and sustainability together with stakeholders from all over the world representing the entire cocoa chain! What are the new trends and developments for ensuring a sustainable cocoa supply chain?
You will find the conference programme below. Stay updated on the latest developments by sending us a note with your contact details here by mail.

The Chocoa Conference provides a platform for discussion on sustainability and quality and a direct connection to the market through the Chocoa Trade Fair, allowing the participants to meet cocoa producers from all over the world. You can also join us for the Amsterdam Cocoa Dinner ‘le Grand Diner du Chocolat’, providing you great networking opportunities while enjoying a delicious cocoa and chocolate-themed menu in Hilton Amsterdam.

conference programme

Chocoa 2017 Sustainable cocoa: integrity and transparency

Friday February 24

Moderated by Marieke Eyskoot (Sustainable Fashion Expert)

09:30     Registration
10:00     Opening Minister Ploumen and Vice mayor of Amsterdam Ollongren (invited)
10:30   Dealing with climate change:

  • Impact of climate change on land use: we have seen the problem, what are we going to do about it?
  • The ecological impact of cocoa production: deforestation and biodiversity loss or reforestation?
  • How can we prevent farmers taking the blow? Companies can adapt sourcing strategies and move to other regions, farmers are stuck to their land
  • Perspective of producing countries on climate change, how does the sense of urgency translate in actions? Or does it?
  • Large plantations versus smallholder farming: what is the answer.

12:00     Journalist panel:

  • The role of the media in sustainable chocolate consumption.
  • Comparison between sustainability in the cocoa supply chain and other supply chains (not necessarily an agricultural commodity)
  • Developments on the supply side of cocoa: where, how, what, cocoa will be produced.
  • Developments on the demand side of cocoa: quality demands, sustainability demands from consumers to be met by producers, balance between supply and demand.

13:00     Lunch break
14:30   Progress in sustainable cocoa:

  • Sustainability commitments 2020/2025: are we still on track?
  • How do we measure impact of sustainability progress? (Key Performance Indicators)
  • How can most chocolate in Dutch supermarkets be sustainable, when only half of all chocolate in the Netherlands is certified?
  • Improved reliability of certification vs rising costs of audits: Risk based auditing as a tool to ensure integrity of certification?
  • Does a growing chocolate market in producing countries contribute to sustainability? (more value adding in the origin countries)
  • How can we demand that countries produce sustainable cocoa when consuming countries don’t commit to consuming only sustainable chocolate?

16:00     Coffee break
16:45   Supply chain integrity:

  • How do future markets accommodate sustainable cocoa?
  • Power relations and concentrations in the supply chain (Research Anna Laven, are we allowed to present the results?).
  • How do companies arrange their chain of custody?
  • Accountability of stakeholders
  • Role of retail

18:15     Conclusions
18:30     Drinks

The Chocoa Conference is organised in collaboration with the Royal Tropical Institute and will take place in the Beurs van Berlage. This historical building, located in the heart of Amsterdam, was originally used as a commodity exchange center.

Chocoa conference

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