Chocolate lovers, meet the best chocolate makers here and taste the quality of fine or flavour and sustainable chocolate!



A paradise for the true chocolate lover! 

Chocoa Festival will be from March 6th to 8th this year. During the Festival you can see, smell and taste more chocolate than you can imagine. The chocolate makers informed visitors about the extraordinary qualities and origins of their products, as well as how it positively influenced environmental and/or socio-economic conditions for cocoa farmers.  

As many as 700 different flavours can be differentiated in good chocolate. Learn to appreciate the richness in varieties, flavours and aromas, and be informed about the background story of chocolate. Once you know how to maximise your tasting experience, you will realise there is so much more to your favourite chocolate bar than you thought.

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Friday evening March 6th 17.00 - 21.00
Saturday 7 and Sunday 8, March 10.00 - 18.00

Beurs van Berlage

De Beurs van Berlage | Damrak 243 | 1012 ZJ Amsterdam

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