22 Feb 2019
Beurs van berlage


Dates: February 22nd, 2019
Time: 16.00h
Location: Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam


Chocoa will host the second live auction of cocoa beans on Friday February 22nd, 2019. This initiative should further value cocoa of excellent quality and celebrate the know-how, passion and effort of the farmers responsible for it. Award winning cocoa producers deserve a higher price. The buyers of the beans can refer to the special cocoa that is used. Let the cocoa bidding begin!

The first edition in February 2018 has been a collaboration of several partners supporting and enabling the auction: The Cocoa of Excellence Programme, entry point to the International Cocoa Awards had selected the cocoa and creates the link to the producers; Daarnhouwer was the importer and distributor of specialty cocoa beans in partnership with the producers and logistics coordinator of the auctioned goods. Chocoa was organizing the actual auction and reaching out to gather bidders. 

Join us in celebrating cocoa quality and excellence

The link between winning an award for quality and the price of the cocoa is introduced through the auction to further value cocoa of excellent quality and to celebrate the know-how, passion and effort of the farmers responsible for it. This should incentivise farmers to produce better quality cocoa, creating a market that pays higher prices.

Consumer awareness should be developed about good quality cocoa and how it is the basis for chocolate of good quality. We want to involve consumers in the project by selling chocolate with a visible link to award winning cocoa.

The beneficiaries of the auction are the producers of these amazing cocoa beans, while consumers who are willing to pay the end product enable to close the circle.

Participate in the bidding!

Bid during the auction and buy your cocoa from the second live auction in Amsterdam on Friday February 22nd.  The profit of the auction (all above opening price) will go fully to the cocoa producer.

All participants and visitors of Chocoa have access to the auction ceremony. Visit the Trade Fair during the day, discover the various beans on auction and taste the chocolate made of the selected lots.

More information on the 2019 edition of the auction and the lots will follow.

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