24 – 25 Feb 2018
Beurs van berlage

Dates: February 24 & 25th, 2018
Time: 10.00-18.00h
Location: Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
Tickets: Buy online here

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See our full day tasting programmes below:




Saturday programme



Sunday programme

Chocoa festival

Can you imagine a world without chocolate? No? But will it always be available and what are the challenges the makers face today? And did you know, just like wine, the taste of your chocolate varies depending on where the cocoa comes from? You can learn about all of this at Chocoa Festival.

Chocoa Festival is the place where you learn the process from bean to bar, discover the wide variety of flavours in good cocoa and better chocolate, taste many food pairings while being guided by your favourite chocolate makers.

A two day chocolate Festival in the heart of Amsterdam!

Tasting, enjoying and discovering new flavours with wine, coffee and craft beer at the more than 75 stands. Take a journey through the cocoa chain and learn how chocolate is being made from bean to bar. A full day programme of tastings and presentations given by experts.

Learn everything you have ever wanted to know about the magical world of chocolate:

* Meet the renowned chocolate makers and experts
* Experience sustainable chocolate at a beautiful location in Amsterdam
* Taste many chocolates by top patissiers and chocolatiers
* Check out live to see Cooking Shows with chocolate by Bakery Institute
* Bring your children along to the Kids Corner where they can make their own chocolate bar in a workshop, listen to storytelling and do some fun chocolate painting!
* Combine liquor and food pairings with chocolate in a tasting
* Understand developments of sustainable production for large consumer brands
* Learn about the cocoa chain; from tree to bar
* See the trends and developments in chocolate
* Join the debate on sustainable cocoa and chocolate (Saturday)

De Grote Chocoladewijzer (Saturday February 24th, 14:00-15:45)

Every now and then, stories appear in the media reports about how there will be no more chocolate in the future. The articles, with ominous titles such as ‘The world is running out of cocoa’, are read and shared by thousands of people and cause slight panic among chocolate lovers around the world. Climate change, fluctuations in the price of cocoa, the increasing demand for cocoa in Asia and the high age of cocoa farmers in West Africa, where about 75% of all cocoa is produced, are mentioned as causes of a possible shortage of cocoa in the future, but how much of this is true? And should we really worry about our beloved chocolate? Cocoa experts with different backgrounds will give their side of the story during the Grote Chocoladewijzer and separate the myths from the facts. The Grote Chocoladewijzer will be in Dutch only.

Hot Chocolate Awards

For the very first time this year, six chocolatemakers will be competing for the title “Best Hot Chocolate of the Netherlands”: The High Five Company (Dick Taylor), Chocolates el Rey, Macao, Krak Chocolade, Cacao Disente and el Sauco. Visitors can taste the drinks (for a small incentive of €0,50), vote for their favourite and see the ending of the Awards!


Alkimia (Peru) – Al Nassma Chocolate (Dubai) – Amacao (Ecuador) – Amazing Cacao (Russia) – Asoc. De Productores Cacao Vrae (Peru) – Bakery Institute – Biki (Latvia) – Brick of Raw ChocolateCAC Alto Urubamba Ltda (Peru) – Cacao Hunters (Colombia) – Cacaomuseum – Cacaotales (Peru) – CaramelZCasa Qoya (Peru) – Chique o Latte ChocoladebikkelsChocoladeverkopersChocolate ExplorersChocolate in a BottleChocolate San Jose (Ecuador) – Chocolate Tree (Scotland) – Chocolates El Rey (Venezuela) – ChocQueClearChoxCocoa Festival Eti-Oni (Nigeria) – Color Cacao (Colombia) – Conexion Chocolate (Ecuador) – DaarnhouwerDe VerleidingDiGusti DelicatessenEcommodities SAC (Peru)- Ecomtrading (Peru)- Ecuador’s Fine Taste Equiori (Colombia) – Fedecacao (Colombia) – Giraffe Coffee Roasters – Grupo Biz Colombia (Colombia) – HACIENDA DEL CASTILLO (Ecuador)- Hada’s Chocolates – IllimaniImkerij HortensiusIn conexus / Colaboratorio (Colombia) – Kaldi koffie & theeKeto CacaokoffieTcacao MagazineKUYAY (Peru)- Le VineurLovechockLyra Chocolate (Slovakia) – Macao MovementMALKA (Ecuador) – Manifesto Cacao (Colombia) – Mellow Chocolade – Metropolitan | Kees Raat – MexicoMichael van Emde Boas /Cocoa CaravaanMinka Organic Chocolate (Ecuador) – Mountain food (Colombia)- MUCHO – Mundo Chocolate (Mexico) – Nestlé l’AtelierNodo Cacaotero del Ariari (Colombia) – NordendropsOriginal Beans– Patisserie LinnickPatisserie ToutPerla Organic (Ecuador) – Peru Trade CommissionPeruvian Nature SAC (Peru) – ProColombiaProEcuadorRegal Chocolate (India) – Rembrandtje Chocolate Coins – RokbarSHATELL (Peru) – Smells like Chocolate – Book project SolidaridadSuagu (Colombia) – Tea with EdgarTesoro (Peru) – The Highfive CompanyTortapistocchi ® (Italy) UCA Soppexcca (Nicaragua) – Urban Cacao AmsterdamVillakuyaya Chocolate (Ecuador) –WALDO chocolade & patisserieZarahemla By Peter Stevens (Belgium) – Zoto (Belgium)

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Chocoa festival

Buy your tickets here

Chocolate tastings

Fine and sustainable chocolate

Two full days of tastings, demonstrations, discussions with chocolate makers and with cocoa farmers, the story behind the cocoa. Tastings with related ‘terroir products’ such as coffee, wine, and more.

Consumers debate

The importance of sustainable chocolate

Join us in the debate about sustainable cocoa and chocolate. What are the challenges in the market and how can chocolate lovers support change for the cocoa farmers? Hear what has been done and what will follow.

From bean-to-bar

How is chocolate made?

Ever seen how your chocolate bar is made? where the cacao comes from and what needs to be done before you hold it and open the wrapper? At the Chocoa festival you will learn in various ways how the process from bean-to-bar is done and what it takes to make good chocolate.

An exhibition following the production chain of cacao and chocolate, tastings and presentations of international experts, education, games and live cooking with chocolate: learn all you ever wanted to know about your favourite chocolate.