Dates: February 22 – 23rd, 2018
Time: 09.30-17.30h
Location: Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

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trade fair

Do you want to buy directly from cocoa farmers, but have no leads? Do you need chocolate equipment, or do you want to learn about making your own chocolate? Are you looking for networking and business opportunities within the cocoa sector? Then, the Chocoa Trade Fair is definitely interesting for you!

You will meet and trade with cocoa producers, producers of cocoa products, chocolate makers, traders, service providers and equipment manufacturers. The complete range of cocoa is available, from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean to Asia, including the winners and nominees of the Cocoa of Excellence competition. Whether you are a long standing chocolate manufacturer looking for new sources or a bean-to bar-artisan chocolate maker, at Chocoa you’ll be in touch with the latest trends.

The Chocoa Trade Fair is a market place to facilitate new contacts between cocoa growers, chocolate makers, importers, suppliers of equipment and service providers in the cocoa sector. Mainstream and fine flavour cocoa from a variety of different origins including: Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, the Congo, Madagascar, Liberia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, India, Haïti, Dominican Republic. See the overview in the Chocoa Trade Fair Brochure 2017.

Combine your participation or visit to the Chocoa Trade Fair with:

Take part in the first live cocoa auction, matchmaking services, pop up cocoa talks, live cooking and dedicated tours on the Trade Fair floor. Chocoa 2018 will host 150 stands and 10.000 visitors during all Chocoa events. See the entire business program here.

Chocolates el Rey (Venezuela) – Pongarbel S.A. (Ecuador) – Mucho Chocolate (Mexico) – Peruvian Pavillion (Peru) – ProEcuador (Ecuador) – Control Union Certifications B.V. (Netherlands) – Ingemann Fine Cocoa (Nicaragua) – Royal Duyvis Wiener (Netherlands) – F.B.M. SRL (Italy) – ABOCFA (Ghana) – DZB Leiden (Netherlands) – Cocoatown (USA) – Tricocoa (Venezuela) – Selmi SRL (Italy) – The Cocoa Family (Dominican Republic) – Bohnkaf-Kolonial GmbH (Germany) – Mucho Mexico (Mexico) – CWT Commodities (Netherlands) – Chocolatemakers (Netherlands) – 12Tree (Germany) – Amazing Cacao (Russia) – ESAICA Venezuelan Cocoa (Venezuela) – Amandino (Belgium) – Gedaylaca (Venezuela) – Zarahemla (Venezuela) – Chocolates Baure (Bolivia) – Lareka (Netherlands) – Caotech B.V. (Netherlands) – Nature International Group S.L. (Spain) – ASOARHUACO (Colombia) – Cacaotales (Peru) – Chocolate Tree (Schotland)

Optimize your visit at the Trade Fair by finding the right kind of partners. Fill in the online tool, share your information and see who else has signed up for matchmaking. Contact our exhibitors or other visitors yourself and meet during the Trade Fair.


Market place






Making your own chocolate: it is a process that requires skill and precision. How do you select good cocoa beans? Where do you buy them? How do you find the right recipe, and the best machines for making your chocolate? And how do you market your chocolate?

The seminars of the Chocolate Makers Forum take you into the world of small scale chocolate making, provides solutions to practical challenges and inspires you to make your own chocolate. HERE you will find the full programme of the Chocolate Makers Forum of Chocoa 2017.

Academy programme


During the European Markets Academy, you will join us on a journey through the heart of the cocoa industry in Amsterdam. Starting the day with a workshop programme at the historical trade center the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, you will be learn about the European market for chocolate. More on the programme here

After the seminars we will visit the harbor of Amsterdam for a tour to one of the largest cocoa warehouses. Hier you will receive a typical Dutch lunch. After the visit we will continue with a visit to the largest cocoa processor and a bean to bar chocolate making company.

Chocoa trade fair

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