our mission

We believe in ‘good cocoa’ because cocoa should always be produced under favorable environmental and social-economic circumstances. We believe in ‘better chocolate’ since high-quality chocolate can only be produced with good cocoa beans.
Together with major companies, the Dutch Government has signed a treaty, agreeing that only sustainable cocoa will be available for consumption on the Dutch market by 2025. Today less than 20 percent of cocoa production is sustainable. We want to see these facts changed.
Bringing together all stakeholders in the cocoa and chocolate industry will contribute to the sustainability of the entire chain. This leads to awareness and change. This is what ‘doing good by doing good business’ means to us.

the future

Chocoa is a yearly event in Amsterdam, organized to show that the cocoa sector in Amsterdam has sustainable ambitions and to contribute to the sustainability of the entire cocoa chain. Chocoa [pronunciation: cho-ko-wa] wants to boost production and consumption of sustainable cocoa and chocolate. The event is unique in the world because it brings together all the stakeholders, thereby building a bridge between the production and consumption of chocolate.

help us out?

Chocoa brings together chocolate lovers, traders, buyers, connoisseurs, and chefs to Amsterdam, the biggest cacao distribution center in the world! Chocoa is divided into several programs: the European Market Academy, the Trade Fair, Chocolate Makers’ Forum, Conference, the professional dinner, and the Festival are all set up to inform and inspire you to make you part of our mission towards good cocoa, better chocolate! We want consumers to understand that paying a fair price for good, sustainable chocolate means a better wage for farmers and consequently a better cocoa production.
Doing good was never so easy ánd tasteful!
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The Chocolate Festival Foundation

The Chocolate Festival Foundation aims to boost the production of good cocoa (‘fine or flavor’, ‘single origin’ and sustainable cocoa) by informing consumers about the advantages in terms of quality, flavor, and production process. The Foundation organizes debates, chocolate tastings, and events, in collaboration with Equipoise the foundation initiated and organizes Chocoa.
The board of the foundation consists of Roberto Payer (Amsterdam Hilton), voorzitter, Philipp Kauffmann (Original Beans), Secretaris, Anna Laven (KIT), Dick de Bruijn (CWT Sitos), Michiel Hendrikz (Farmstrong). Erik Sauer (el Sauco) and Jan Kips.

The Advisory Board

A team of various expertise related to the cocoa and chocolate industry supports Chocoa by participating in the advisory board which creates the content of the Chocoa Conference, the Chocoa Trade Fair, and the program including the public debate at Chocoa Festival.


Equipoise works on innovations, the development of sustainable solutions, collaborations, and information (transparency and education). Drive, engagement, and commitment is an important asset of our small, flexible, international organization. Jack Steijn and Caroline Lubbers enthusiastically promote sustainable chains and are the founders of Equipoise. Various projects Equipoise works on consist of consultancy, management, and events, including Chocoa.

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good cocoa, better chocolate

The cocoa and chocolate industry is on its way to further sustainability. This is a process in which are put several good steps. However, there is no single definition of ‘sustainability’ and there are clear differences between producers. One producer is more into sustainable production and the other producer is focussing both in quality cocoa as well as in the sustainable production process.
The image of sustainable cocoa is negative, while there is already a lot happening to preserve this sector. Many consumers have a feeling of guilt when eating chocolate because they do not always know which good initiatives already exist to sustain the sector.

Chocoa facilitates market access for sustainable and high-quality cocoa and cocoa products and promotes innovations for a sustainable cocoa sector. Chocoa is the only event dedicated to quality and sustainability in the cocoa chain, bringing together cocoa producers, chocolate makers and consumers and creating innovative projects.