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CHOCOA [pronounced: cho-ko-wa] is an annual marketplace for cocoa and chocolate for quality and sustainability: A place where cocoa and chocolate are traded, new business contacts are made, and existing ones reinforced. Where research results, new innovations, ideas, and concepts are shared.

Organized by The Company Behind Chocoa in cooperation with the Chocolate Festival Foundation, CHOCOA contributes to a world with more good, sustainable cocoa: The basis for better chocolate.


A world in which the production of cocoa is good for farmers, their communities, and the environment alike. One where good quality chocolate is available to environmentally conscious chocolate lovers everywhere. With this in mind, we started CHOCOA in 2012.


The 12th edition of Chocoa is featuring all of the well-known parts like the Trade Fair, European Markets Academy, Amsterdam Sustainable Cocoa Conference, Chocolate Makers’ Forum, Grand Diner du Chocolat and the Chocolate Consumer Festival.

We host over 160 exhibitors and over 2.000 professional visitors. 

The goal has remained: Together, we bring progress to sustainability and create consumer awareness to develop the market for sustainable cocoa and chocolate. Now, you can enjoy multiple days of conferences, forums, and partner programs in the heart of Amsterdam, facilitating knowledge exchange, networking, and plenty of business opportunities.

In 2024 TCBC is launching the first Amsterdam Cocoa Week where we aim to connect 2.000 professionals from all over the world and engage 8.000 consumers, inspiring them to collectively transform the cocoa sector and shape the future of cocoa and chocolate. In 2024, the week in February will feature key events like the World Cocoa Foundation’s Partnership Meeting, Chocoa and the Cacao of Excellence Awards among many other side meetings and gatherings.


Travel to Amsterdam to grow your business opportunities, meet your peers and cocoa & chocolate friends, and co-create for an improved industry.

Jack Steijn, Anna Laven, Mariana de la Rosa and Caroline Lubbers have founded The Company Behind Chocoa to contribute to a fair market outcome for all stakeholders in the cocoa value chain. Besides organizing CHOCOA, the Amsterdam Sustainable Cocoa Conference, and the Chocolate Makers’ Forum, as entrepreneur, researcher, expert and consultant our team is active in many (cocoa) fields.



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