barista masterclass
21 Feb 2020
Beurs van berlage

Date: 21 February 2020
Time: 09.30 – 12.30h
Location: Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam


9:30-9:45    Sustainable Cocoa, why would you care? – Jack Steijn

9:45-10:45   Inspiring Cocoa Drinks, Masterclass by Peter Hernou:

10:45-11:05  Cacao drink by High Five Company with Dennis van Essen

11:05-11:35   Hot Chocolate Cocktail, by Chocolate-maker Mario Vandenende from Chocolatoa

11:35-11:45   Questions and conclusions

11:45-12:00   Cocoa Drink Award tastings


Barista Masterclass

Chocolate and coffee, as well as they taste together, have a lot more in common! Chocoa is trending in combining the knowledge of barista’s and chocolate makers from all over the world!

World award winning latte artist Peter Hernou will be your expert guide in how to create the most amazing coffee-chocolate drinks. As a professional barista he understands the world of coffee and combines his knowledge with good quality chocolate into astonishing recipes.

Chocolate maker Mario Vandeneede from Chocolatoa demonstrates how to make a special chocolate drink from “bean to bar chocolate”. He unlocks flavors in cocoa drinks you’ve never tasted before!

There will be more tastings from different Chocolatemakers; taste and explore the possibilities and enjoy chocolate drinks on a new level. These chocolate drinks will be a great addition to your menu and definitely will surprise your customers.

Barista’s are known to be the best ambassadors to promote awareness about sustainably produced coffee beans. Chocoa aims to create the same awareness about sustainably produced cocoa beans. What can we create when the knowledge of barista’s and chocolate makers blend together? Be part of this exciting new adventure!

A ticket for the Masterclass also gives you access to the Trade Fair on 21 February 2020, with its close to 100 exhibitors. Meet with experts and learn about the newest techniques and sources for good cocoa, discover many varieties of cocoa, many from international award-winning origins. Speak with bean to bar chocolate producers and have a look at the machinery and other services displayed that you can also use to serve the best cocoa drinks you can imagine.

This event is for the professionals who want to deepen their knowledge and network in the industry and learn everything about the incredible world of cocoa and chocolate. All participants are invited to use the Chocoa4Business matchmaking app.

Chocolatier Masterclass

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Chocolatier Masterclass