On 23, 24 and 25 February 2019, the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute will be organizing an interesting three day workshop during Chocoa 2019, namely the Cacao Grader Intensive Course in Amsterdam, the largest port for cacao in the world!

Join us to practice the cacao quality evaluation techniques now being used by cooperatives, estates, private fermentaries, exporters, importers, chocolate makers, and other professionals from at least 33 countries.

For whom?

This course is relevant to cacao and chocolate industry professionals for whom consistent, expert quality evaluation of cacao is a desired professional skill.

What will be the aim of the course?

Lectures will cover the following topics:

  • history and culture of fine cacao and chocolate;
  • factors in fine cacao and chocolate quality – genetics and agronomy, post-harvest processing, storage and transport, and chocolate making;
  • science of cacao-chocolate flavor and sensory analysis;
  • supply chain – market basics, cacao sourcing, economics, politics, culture; and
  • ethics and transparency – social and environmental responsibility, certifications, models for success.

Hands-on training will develop the following skills:

  • external evaluation of raw cacao;
  • cut test;
  • cacao sample protocol and preparation;
  • cacao sample organoleptic evaluation;
  • sensory analysis techniques and exercises – e.g. defect tasting, sensory deprivation, triangulation, calibration;
  • development of sensory lexicon; and
  • tasting and evaluating chocolate liquor and finished chocolate.

What is the connection between the FCCI course and Chocoa?

Whenever possible, we aim to partner with existing events and organizations that share elements of our mission. Chocoa’s focus on sustainability is important to FCCI, and FCCI’s constituency in Europe is eager to attend this event and the class.

How can I sign up?

Sign up is possible via our website, here: https://chocolateinstitute.org/education/professional/

Also, combine your visit with Chocoa events such as the European Markets Academy or the Chocoa Dinner to experience cocoa in Amsterdam from up close and connect with other attendees.