Hey there! Are you excited for the Chocoa Trade Fair and Chocolate Festival?

We will be kicking off the Trade Fair on the early morning of 21 February, together with more than 75(!) exhibitors joining us for two days. On 23 and 24 February, many other exhibitors will join as well. Some exhibitors will be exhibiting at both the Trade Fair and the Chocolate Festival! We are hereby featuring them below, for you to get to know them already! In order for you to meet, network and do business with the Trade Fair or Chocolate Festival exhibitors and to take full advantage of this business opportunity, you’ll have to of course have a ticket to the Trade Fair or Chocolate Festival. They are still available, go to the Chocoa Trade Fair website or the Chocolate Festival website now to buy your tickets!

By the way – did you know you can actually connect with all of these exhibitors already through the Chocoa4Business Matchmaking App if you are a business visitor? Swipe through the visitors, partners, speakers, exhibitors etcetera, connect and set meetings during the Chocoa Trade Fair! Click here to learn more.