Dear professional and/or chocolate lover,

We welcome you to our new Chocoa blog, where we will gather blogs about cocoa, chocolate, sustainability and everything related. This way, we hope to keep you up-to-date about interesting topics in the industry, to inspire towards sustainability in the supply chain

Blog posts you can expect:

  • (Summaries of) articles written by the Chocoa team, namely Caroline, Jack, Cedric, Marika, Mariana, Lea and Charlotte
  • Featured chocolate tastings by the chocolate professionals within the team
  • Introductions to speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and partners of Chocoa
  • Introductions to speaker’s presentations
  • Fun “behind-the-scenes” photos and chocolate & cocoa facts!

We invite you to check our blog regularly, new posts will be mentioned throughout our social media channels, mailings and more.

Please leave a comment if you have a request for an article or chocolate tastings, we would be happy to accomodate!
Also, if you are looking for a popular platform to explain your research, business or topic, e-mail our Chocoa blogger Lea van Oosten at

Thank you! Team Chocoa

Team photo from left to right: Caroline, Jack, Marika, Lea, Mariana, Sarah and Cedric