Chocoa 2021
February 24 – 26

Discover the Program of Chocoa 2021: On our professional online platform, Chocoa 2021 offers 3 days full of business opportunities, knowledge exchange, networking, and matchmaking.

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Amsterdam Sustainable Cocoa Conference

Why you should attend Chocoa if you are sustainable cocoa professional…

Discuss sustainability trends and innovations with a professional audience at the Amsterdam Sustainable Cocoa Conference. Our interactive program centered around the theme of Child labor will address perpetuating problems and solutions that could lead to its eradication. Further, data, diversification, and agroforestry are headlining this year’s conference. We invite you to join the conversation and connect with your peers. Use our networking opportunities to your advantage. It couldn’t be any easier.

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Chocolate Makers’ Forum

Why you should attend Chocoa if you are A chocolate maker…

The 2021 Chocolate Makers’ Forum invites you to discuss the most recent trends and the hottest topics in the craft chocolate industry. From sustainability matters to successful quality improvements, this year’s program offers you a delightful chance to discuss the challenges and opportunities in promising markets for high-quality cocoa and chocolate. Besides, networking has never been this easy. Join our matchmaking carousels or schedule your own meeting with other participants.

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Networking & Matchmaking

Why you should attend Chocoa if you are a cocoa seller…

Do you sell cocoa and are looking for the right buyer? Then, make use of our platform and participate in the dedicated matchmaking carousels. The matchmaking carousel will randomly match you based on the tags you have chosen at check-in, ensuring you will be matched with a participant that meets your needs. You are a cocoa seller? Then you will be matched with cocoa buyers etc. Are you ready to network at Chocoa 2021?

Why you should attend Chocoa if you are a cocoa buyer…

Are you interested in buying cocoa in 2021. Then, Chocoa is the place to be. Our matchmaking carousels make it super easy to connect you to the right seller. If you want to generate your leads yourself, don’t worry, you can schedule your own meetings with other participants all day long. Simply check the list of participants and get your meeting started.

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Chocolate Festival Website

The Chocolate Festival has been a highlight of Chocoa in recent years, attracting over 7000 visitors over two days. The Festival offers the opportunity to sell your products to a dedicated audience of chocolate lovers. The Chocolate Festival has to pause this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and will hopefully be back in 2022. If you can’t wait until 2022 to taste exquisite chocolate, explore our chocolate tastings.

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