Chocoa Chocolate Tastings


Chocoa Festival is about Chocoa chocolate tasting, for two days, at more than 85 stands. Some stands have also discovered a special combination of chocolate and other products, for a unique taste experience. In addition, there are almost 5000 spots in no less than 45 tastings!

Get a voucher at the tasting counter for a tasting of your choice, 1 per person while stocks last. Available spots vary from 75 to 100 participants per tasting. Also, there are always some places free for free walk-in. Spots available are based on availability. In the Effectenbeurszaal, however, all tastings and presentations are freely accessible.

Hap, swallow, gone. That is a great waste of good chocolate, because there is so much more to taste! Cocoa is, just like wine, a terroir product. Did you know that you can taste the origin of your chocolate bar? Choose your chocolate bar carefully and taste with all your senses: look at the color, listen to the breaking of the chocolate, feel the texture of the surface, smell the aroma and then let a small piece slowly melt on your tongue. Enjoy the taste explosion! Check out the tasting programmes here

Enjoy good cocoa and chocolate! Find the answers to the quiz questions in the leaflet and learn how chocolate is made from cocoa bean to bar. Visit our bookshop, discover and taste a lot of chocolate in the Grote Zaal and the Graanbeurszaal, see the live cooking demonstrations, visit the Effectenbeurszaal and take part in the Hot Chocolate Awards, take part in the Grote Chocolate Wijzer or at one of the many tastings (z.o.z) in the Effectenbeurszaal, Administration room, Keurzaal and the Auction Room.


See the children’s corner in the Grote Zaal

  • chocolate tastings for children
  • workshop painting with chocolate
  • oompa loompa storyteller
  • yourself your chocolate decorate bar

Chocoa is not only a FESTIVAL, but also a trade fair and an international congress on sustainability. Chocoa is committed to a fair balance on the market for cocoa and chocolate!

Check out more information on the Festival here: (here you can also find the tasting programmes for both Saturday as well as Sunday!)


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