Chocoa Exhibitors

The Chocoa 2020 exhibitors include companies from the cocoa & chocolate industry. We are excited for Our exhibitors to participate in the Trade Fair (20 and 21 February) and Chocolate Festival (22 and 23 February). Both events offer the opportunity to get in touch with an audience of consumers and businesses.

Company name Country Exhibitor at Booth number (to be announced)
24 Blackbirds USA Festival
ABOCFA Cooperative Ghana Trade Fair
AgriCam Cameroon Both
AgriTerra Netherlands Trade Fair
Almazonia Brazil Trade Fair
Amsterdam Book Center Netherlands Both
Artist Chocolate Germany Festival
Arvicacao Spain Both
Asociación Cacao y Chocolate de R.L. El Salvador Trade Fair
Auro Chocolate Philippines Both
Baure Wild Chocolate Bolivia Trade Fair
Belvie Vietnam Festival
Biji Kakao Trading UK Trade Fair
Bohnkaf-Kolonial GmbH & Co. Germany Trade Fair
Boho Chocolate USA Festival
Bolitos & Candin Dominican Republic Both
BonoBono Bonbons Netherlands Festival
Brown Chocolate S.R.L. Italy Both
Buena Nota USA Both
Cacao Betulia Colombia Festival
Cacao Hunters Colombia Both
Cacaoteca Dominican Republic Both
Cameroots Switzerland Trade Fair
Campo Lindo Netherlands Trade Fair
Caotech Netherlands Trade Fair
CaramelZ Netherlands Festival
Casa Lasevicius Brazil Festival
CBI - Centre for the Promotion of Imports Netherlands Trade Fair
Champagne Bonnevie-Bocart France Festival
Chef Catering LTD Russia Both
Chequessett Chocolate USA Festival
ChocoCard Bean-to-Bear Hungary Festival
Chocokoo Estonia Festival
Chocolate de Honduras Honduras Trade Fair
Chocolate in a bottle / Lumatop Belgium Both
Chocolate MaRussia Russia Both
Chocolate Tree UK Festival
Chocolatemakers Netherlands Festival
Chocolates El Rey Venezuela Festival
Chocolatoa Belgium Both
Choconuva Germany Festival
ClearChox/Chocvrkprs Netherlands Festival
Cocoa of Excellence Italy/France Trade Fair
Cocoa Origins Netherlands Both
CocoaTown USA Both
Conexion Chocolate Ecuador Festival
Control Union Certifications B.V. Netherlands Trade Fair
Cooperativa Integral de Comercialización ALIANZA Guatemala Trade Fair
Cooperativa Multifuncional Cacaotera La Campesina Nicaragua Trade Fair
Coop. de Serv. Múltiples Ríos Agua Viva Nicaragua Trade Fair
Cosecha Partners Nicaragua Trade Fair
Daarnhouwer Netherlands Trade Fair
Dandelion Chocolate USA Festival
De Bikkelcompany Netherlands Festival
Definite Chocolate Dominican Republic Both
Diamond Custom Machines USA Both
DiGusti Delicatessen Netherlands Festival
Dikaliste Cameroon Trade Fair
DZB Leiden Netherlands Trade Fair
ESAICA Venezuela Trade Fair
Eztemper Canada Both
Farmerline Ghana Trade Fair
FBM Italy Trade Fair
Fedecovera Guatemala Trade Fair
Firetree Chocolate UK Both
Fjåk Chocolate Norway Festival
Freebird cacao juice Netherlands Festival
French Broad Chocolate USA Festival
Ghana National Association of Farmers and Fishermen Ghana Festival
Gola Treasures UK Festival
HD Cotterell Netherlands Trade Fair
Heirloom Cacao USA Trade Fair
Ingemann Fine Cocoa Nicaragua Trade Fair
Java Chocolates Brazil Festival
Jez Chocolate El Salvador Trade Fair
Kadzama Russia Trade Fair
Kah Kow Dominican Republic Both
Kakau Worship Greece Festival
Kampura SA Guatemala Trade Fair
Karuna Chocolate Italy Festival
Khao Caribe Dominican Republic Both
Koa Switzerland Trade Fair
La Galigo foundation Netherlands Festival
Lallemand Switzerland Both
Lareka Netherlands Trade Fair
Likao - El Vergel Nicaragua Festival
MarkRin Chocolate Thailand Trade Fair
Mava Madagascar Madagascar Both
Mesjokke Netherlands Festival
Metizo Dominican Republic Both
Metropolitan Netherlands Festival
Mike & Becky Belgium Festival
Mirzam UAE Festival
Nahua Cacao & Chocolate Costa Rica Trade Fair
Naturkakao S.A. Guatemala Trade Fair
Need for Sweet Netherlands Festival
Nemisto Netherlands Trade Fair
Nexo Chocolate Italy Festival
Packint SRL - Rockgate Group Italy Trade Fair
Peru Trade Commision Peru Both
Philippines-Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions Philippines Both
Port of Amsterdam Netherlands Trade Fair
Progreso Foundation Netherlands Trade Fair
Praline LTD Russia Trade Fair
Red Ape Forest Chocolate Netherlands Festival
RICE Ivory Coast Both
Rokbar Netherlands Festival
Royal Duyvis Wiener Netherlands Trade Fair
SELMI Chocolate Machinery Italy Trade Fair
SEVERSAL - Germany Trade Fair
Silva Cacao Belgium Both
Slasti LTD Russia Both
Soklet India Both
Spectra USA Both
Svenska Kakaobolaget Sweden Festival
Taucherli Switzerland Festival
To'ak Chocolate Ecuador Festival
Tobago Cocoa State Trinidad & Tobago Festival
Transition S.A. de C.V. El Salvador Trade Fair
Tricocoa Ltd. UK Trade Fair
Uncommon Cacao USA Both
Valdez Cacao Dominican Republic Both
Vietnam CA CAO brother Company Vietnam Both
White Label Chocolate USA Festival
Xocolat Austria Both
Zorzal Cacao Dominican Republic Both
ZOTO Belgium Both

At Chocoa valuable connections are made.

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