Chocoa Exhibitors

Chocoa Exhibitors

The Chocoa 2020 exhibitors include many companies from the cocoa & chocolate industry. Over thirty represented countries can again be expected, exhibitors include (bean-to-bar) chocolate makers, patissiers, distributors, cocoa producers and more. At Chocoa we pride ourselves in the diversity of the beautiful products that our exhibitors share. Cocoa and chocolate come in many forms and products and there is a whole lot of knowledge to share. Together we teach our beloved Chocoa attendees the true story about the future of sustainable cocoa and chocolate.

We are excited for Our exhibitors to participate in the Trade Fair (20 and 21 February) and Chocolate Festival (22 and 23 February). Both events offer the opportunity to get in touch with an audience of consumers and businesses. At Chocoa valuable connections are made.

Join us as an exhibitor now for the events to benefit from the opportunity to sell, network, be inspired and connect directly with business and Festival visitors. Click the button below to inquire about the possibilities.

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