Cocoa Auction
21 Feb 2020
Beurs van berlage


Dates: February 21st, 2020
Time: 16:15
Location: Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

The profit of the bidding (all above opening price) will go fully to the cocoa producers to continue their sustainable practices.

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Cocoa auction

Have you ever witnessed a cocoa bean auction live on stage? Well, this is your chance to not only see it but to actively make a bid! Be the change and increase rewards for quality cocoa beans at the 3rd edition of the auction. This initiative places a high value to cocoa beans of excellent quality. It celebrates the know-how, passion and the effort of the many men and women who produce the beans.

Heirloom cacaos are the diamonds of cacao trees producing the finest flavor. They are endowed with a combination of historic, cultural, botanical, geographical and flavor value that is the foundation of the best tasting chocolate.  Cocoa producers engaged with this practice deserve a higher price and this will be initiated through the auction.

All participants and visitors of Chocoa business events have access to the auction ceremony. Specific bean lots will on auction will be communicated.

Let the cocoa bidding begin!

About the Auction

The featured cocoa bean lots are:

  1. Madagascar – Akesson’s Bejofo Estate, Sambirano Valley – HCP #15, Designated 2018
  2. Nicaragua – Ingemann Fine Cacao, San Jose de Bocay, Departemento de Jinotega – HCP #12, Designated 2016
  3. Belize – Maya Mountain Cacao Ltd. Farmer Network: Villages of San Antonio, Santa Cruz, Santa Elena, and Pueblo Viejo – HCP #7, Designated 2015

The Heirloom Cocoa fund’s internationally acclaimed Tasting Panel carried out a detailed evaluation of the quality and sensory profile of each bean lots. Furthermore, HCP has a unique partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Services, which completed a comprehensive genetic evaluation of each designee. This information is available for each lot to all bidders at the stand of every lot owner: Maya Mountain Belize (C49), Nicaragua (C3 and C35,C36) and Akesson.