Exhibit at Chocoa
22 – 23 Feb 2020
Beurs van Berlage

Dates: 22 and 23 February 2020
Time: 10.00-18.00h
Location: Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
Tickets: Buy online here

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Business opportunities for the Chocolate Festival

Buying and selling chocolate at a two-day Chocolate Festival in the heart of Amsterdam from 22 and 23 February 2019.

An opportunity to reach 7500 dedicated visitors:

* 85 booths
* Present sustainable chocolate at a beautiful location in Amsterdam
* Join many chocolates by top patissiers and chocolatiers
* Communicate developments of sustainable production
* See the trends and developments in chocolate
* Join the debate on sustainable cocoa and chocolate (Saturday)

Also, participate in the Chocolate Makers Competition with your chocolate to be tasted by the  Chocolate Festival and Business visitors. In 2019 the competition decided who made the best hot Chocolate drink. Sounds interesting? Make sure to mention it when you inquire with us about exhibiting at Chocoa 2020!

Want to make use of all of the business opportunities for the Chocolate Festival? Contact us at marika@chocoa.nl!

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Sell Chocolate

Are you a chocolate maker, chocolate brand or retailer? Reach 8500 dedicated visitors at Chocoa as an exhibitor.

Sell your chocolate directly to a dedicated audience of chocolate lovers, on average between 25 and 45 years old, not surprisingly many women and they are all eager to learn and understand more. People who are interested in better production and consumption, and paying a fair price for that too.

Tasting programme
Be part of the programme by presenting your product to a curious audience. Tastings of 45 minutes allow you to interact in a separate room with your potential customers and will give you more visibility.

Sky box
Invite your customers to present your own sustainability projects and show them around the festival.

Want to take part in the Festival? Contact Marika at marika@chocoa.nl and we are happy to see what your best options are.

Buy Chocolate

How to buy good and sustainable chocolate? many offer themselves but which are the products that your customers are looking for? As a retailer, you are invited to find out for yourself at Chocoa. 85 of the most sustainable, quality chocolate makers are selling their products – why look further?

Introduction and tasting
Join our special session for retailers on Sunday 23rd at 13.00-14.00h. We will share the do’s and don’ts of buying chocolate, we share the latest consumer trends with you and we will let you in on some tasting advice. Sign up for a free entrance and make sure your shop sells good chocolate, contact us here.

Chocolate tastings

Fine and sustainable chocolate

Two full days of tastings, demonstrations, discussions with chocolate makers and with cocoa farmers, the story behind the cocoa. Tastings with related ‘terroir products’ such as coffee, wine, and more.

Consumers debate

The importance of sustainable chocolate

Join us in the debate about sustainable cocoa and chocolate. What are the challenges in the market and how can chocolate lovers support change for the cocoa farmers? Hear what has been done and what will follow.

From bean-to-bar

How is chocolate made?

Ever seen how your chocolate bar is made? where the cacao comes from and what needs to be done before you hold it and open the wrapper? At the Chocoa festival you will learn in various ways how the process from bean-to-bar is done and what it takes to make good chocolate.

An exhibition following the production chain of cacao and chocolate, tastings and presentations of international experts, education, games and live cooking with chocolate: learn all you ever wanted to know about your favourite chocolate.