Chocoa Kids

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a Chocoa this year? YES, Chocoa 2021 gets virtual!
We are getting ready for 3 days of virtual networking, knowledge exchange, and business opportunities from February the 24th till the 26th, despite the ongoing pandemic.

Where can I purchase a ticket for Chocoa 2021, and how much does it cost?  You can now purchase tickets at Here you will find an overview of all tickets, prices, as well as our shop. *Note that prices on the website are listed excluding VAT and administration costs. When checking out in our shop VAT and administration costs will be calculated on top of the ticket price.

Why is this virtual event not for free?
It is not for free because this is not your standard webinar. Chocoa 2021 is held on a professional virtual platform, providing you with a real-life event experience. Such experience does not come cheap.

Are there any discount codes for Chocoa 2021?
There will be a reduced ticket price on all tickets until the 14th of February at noon (CET). Besides, no other discounts will be in place. *With an exception for Partners, Press, and members of associations that work together with Chocoa. They will be provided with a personal discount code upon request.

Can I get a free Press-Pass for Chocoa 2021?
Yes, you can request a free Press-Pass at However, note that you can only request a Press-Pass if you are specialized press that is relevant to the objectives of Chocoa (promoting and improving market access for sustainable cocoa and chocolate).

When and in what time zone does Chocoa 2021 start?
The event will start on the 24th of February at 11:30 Central European Time (CET).

Can I attend both the Amsterdam Sustainable Cocoa Conference (ASCC) and the Chocolate makers’ Forum (CMF)?
Yes, with our new Chocoa 2021 ticket you can participate in both the ASCC and the CMF, as well as take part in our dedicated matchmaking and networking opportunities. *Note some programs do overlap so consider before which sessions you want to attend.

What are the requirements for participating in Chocoa 2021?
All you need to participate in Chocoa 2021 is a valid event ticket. However, to get the best out of your experience we suggest you set up your event profile on time (In order to get the most out of our network opportunities), make sure you have a good internet connection beforehand, and attend the event on a device using the latest version of Google Chrome 

Do I need a Visa for Chocoa 2021?
Unfortunately, there will be no physical fair due to COVID-19. Chocoa 2021 will be virtual meaning a Visa won’t be necessary.

Can you explain the networking options? As a cocoa seller, how can I connect to buyers?
There are multiple Network opportunity’s available. You can participate in the matchmaking carousel where you will get randomly matched based on your interests. For example, If you are interested in selling cocoa you will be matched with cocoa buyers etc. Besides, you can schedule side meetings with any other event participant (even in small groups). There will be a participant list where you will be able to see other people’s profiles (Cocoa buyers, sellers, chocolate makers, etc) and schedule meetings according to your interests. Use our Chocoa App to schedule your meetings after buying your ticket.

How do I become a Partner at Chocoa 2021?
To become a partner, please contact the organizers, Jack Steijn or Mariana de la Rosa. They will send you our CHOCOA 2021 Partnership proposition and discuss the various possibilities to become a partner. Together with our partners, we strive to create positive change in the cocoa supply chain and create a larger market share for good cocoa and better chocolate. We truly connect the sustainable cocoa industry.

How do I become a speaker at Chocoa 2021?
To become a speaker at Chocoa 2021, please contact Amanda Francisco for the CMF or Margo Potma for the ASCC, indicating the topic you want to present. They will let you know what possibilities are left and send you our program. 

Does Chocoa organize masterclasses in 2021?
Unfortunately, there will be no Chocoa masterclasses in 2021.

How do I become a Chocoa 2021 volunteer? Who do I contact?
To become a volunteer, please contact Isabelle van Lier. She will discuss the various possibilities to volunteer at Chocoa 2021. *Note as Chocoa 2021 will be virtual, only a small group of volunteers is needed (mainly to draft the reports of the event).

I am not able to register in the Chocoa Grip App, what now?
Chocoa has discontinued the cooperation with GRIP for our app. Please download our new Chocoa App once we announce its available in the Appstore 

Why do I need to download the Chocoa app? How does the Chocoa App work?
The app is needed during the event. The new Chocoa app is built by Event Insight, the makers of this year’s digital event platform. The app will be used to easily stay tuned with event activities and schedule meetings with other event participants for network purposes.