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The event will be hybrid and live streamed from our studio in Amsterdam with limited offline seating capacity at the venue, but worldwide online coverage.

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Location: Keurzaal & Main Stage, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam and streamed online through the Chocoa Digital platform 


Cocoa Origins Program | Final presentation & pitches towards impact investors

Time: 10.00-12.00 (CEST)


Loïc Badohoun IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative

Bas Buurman, IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative


Jaap-Jan Verboom, Cocoa origins; Gabriela Alvarez, Colcocoa; Cristian Camilo Morales Marulanda, Impact partners; Katharine van der Laan, Equiori; Jan Schubert, Original beans; Albert Tucker, Social Business Network; Lieke Guinée, Beyond Beans; Anne van der Veen, Beyond Beans; Isabel van Bemmelen, Progresso; Julie McBride, Tony's Chocolonely; Francesco Pedeferri, Tradinorganic; Anne Floor van Dalfsen, Tradeinorganic, Diana Kos, Oikocredit, Patrick Owusu, Asunafo.

After 6 years of  Cocoa Origins the program has gathered many learnings and valuable insights. Join the Cocoa Origins presentation to hear the results and the many scalable and replicable innovations. Implementers will share their impact and valuable insight in origin and toward the Dutch consumer market. The results will be followed by several pitches of the projects towards impact investors, where hopefully a next step can be initiated to continue the positive impact and sustainable production.

Amsterdam Sustainable Cocoa Conference (ASCC)

The Amsterdam Sustainable Cocoa Conference is all about sustainability trends, innovations and opportunities. Day 1 is centered around implications of EU legislation and due diligence, both at farm level and in the supply chain. Day 2 focuses on opportunities that agroforestry brings for climate change and how these might be financed. 


Opening of the Amsterdam Sustainable Cocoa Conference (ASCC)

(virtual) by Michel Arrion, Executive Director International Cocoa Organization (ICCO)

Time: 12:15 (CEST)


Implications of EU legislation: Who will pay the price? (ASCC)

Time 13:00- 14:00 (CEST)

MODERATORS: Anna Laven & Joost Gorter

1 Sebastiaan van der Hoek, Cargill, Senior Climate & Land Use Advisor

2 José Iturríos, Alliance Cocoa Peru, Director

3 Regis Meritan, European Commission, Senior Advisor

4 Sarah Dekkiche, International Cocoa Initiative, Director Policy & Partnerships

How will due diligence impact supply chains? (ASCC)

Time: 14:15-15:15 (CEST)

MODERATORS: Anna Laven & Joost Gorter

1 Amy Ching, Satelligence, Supply Chain Expert

2 Nicko Debenham, Sustainability Solutions, Independent

3 Jack Steijn, Equipoise, ISCO Traceability Working Group Chair

4 Richard Piechocki, Rabobank, Head Sustainability Trade & Commodity Finance Global

Chocolate Makers' Forum (CMF)

The 2022 Chocolate Makers’ Forum is taking a deep dive in the market. What can be done to follow the footsteps of other craft food and drink markets and win the heart (and wallet) of the consumer. How to communicate openly and understandably on sustainability? How can chocolate makers from cocoa producing countries have better access? What will the market of the future look like?

How to Grow the Craft Chocolate Market (CMF)

Time: 15:30 (CEST)

MODERATORS: Nick Davis (One One Cacao) Nick Baskett (Bar Talks)

1 Maria Jiménez Rojas, Daarnhouwer,Trader

2 Clay Gordon, The Chocolate Life, Journalist

3 Spencer Hyman, Cocoa Runners, Founder

4 Philip Kauffman, Original Beans,Founder

How to communicate the sustainability of Craft Chocolate (CMF)

Time: 16:45 (CEST)

MODERATORS: Nick Baskett (Bar Talks) Nick Davis (One One Cacao)

1 Jeffrey Lee, Cult de Choco, Founder

2 Simran Bindra, Kokoa Kamili, Founder

3 Vera Geling, Into Choco, Management

4 Katrien Delaet, Silva Cacao, Founder


Sourcing couverture from cocoa producing countries (CMF), co-organized by FCIA

Time: 18:00 (CEST)

MODERATORS: Jody Hayden and Caroline Lubbers

1 Jenny Samaniego, Chocolates Conexion, Founder

2 Chiinga Musonda, Savanna Premium Chocolates, Founder

3 Queenie Wu, Q sweet chocolate, Founder

4 Giselle Alegre, Trésor & Natur and Kuyay

17:30-19:30 in Cacao networking drinks (offline)



The event will be hybrid and live streamed from our studio in Amsterdam with limited offline seating capacity at the venue, but worldwide online coverage.

Get your tickets here

Location: Keurzaal & Main Stage, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam and streamed online through the Chocoa Digital platform

Talking (carbon) credits (ASCC)

Time: 10:00 (CEST)

MODERATORS: Anna Laven & Joost Gorter

1 Andres Huby, Mercuria, Head of Environmental products

2 Martine Jansen, Rabobank - ACORN, Head Supply

3 Loïc Badohoun, IDH Farm Fit Fund, Investment Manager

4 Oliver Hanke, 1,2 tree

Late night show by noon

Time: 11:45 (CET)

MODERATORS: Anna Laven & Joost Gorter

1 Zoi Papalexandratou, MOCCA

2 Carolina Aguilar, MOCCA

3 Michiel Hendriksz, Farmstrong Foundation3

4 Paul Macek, CORUS

5 Amora Carbajal, PROMPERU

Agroforestry: how can agroforestry benefit farmers and mitigate climate change? (ASCC)

Time: 13:00 (CEST)

MODERATORS: Anna Laven & Joost Gorter

1 Etelle Higonnet, COP27 

2 Jim Hazen, TSIRO, Chief of Party Catholic Relief Service

3 Martijn Reus, ETG/Beyond Beans Foundation, Programme Manager Cocoa & Forest

4 Ana Garcia Moran, Meridia


Innovation & Sustainability (ASCC)

Time: 14:15 (CEST)

MODERATORS: Anna Laven & Joost Gorter

1 Anian Schreiber, KOA, DIRECTOR Co-founder & Managing Director

2 Arnaud Monmarche, Orijin

3 Joost Claas, Tony's Chocolonely/ ASUNAFO

4 Ruvarashe Chinyemba, Cabosse Naturals - Barry Callebaut, CEO

How to distribute value in the supply chain and ensure market entry for chocolate from cocoa producing countries (CMF)

 Time: 15:30 (CEST)

 MODERATORS: Nick Baskett (Bar Talks) Nick Davis (One One Cacao)

 1 Tuta Aquino, Baianí Chocolate and vice president of the Associação Bean to Bar Brasil, Founder and vice president

2 Ana Margarita Villegas, Color Cacao, Founder

3 Aaron Sylvester, Tri-Island Chocolate and Cross Atlantic Chocolate Collective, Founder and spokesperson

4 Erik Sauer, El Sauco, Founder


Unexpected and innovative flavors, super chocolates;

What will tomorrow’s chocolate market look like? (CMF)

 Time: 16:45 (CEST)

MODERATORS: Nick Davis (One One Cacao) Nick Baskett (Bar Talks)

 1 Agurtxane Concellón, Fjåk chocolate, Founder

2 Kimberly Addison, 57 Chocolate, Chocolate maker

3 Martin Christy, International Chocolate Awards, Co-founder

4 Nathalia Padilla, Awki, Founder

Side Session: Disrupting cocoa through upcycling. Meet Swiss-Ghanaian Koa and its co-founder

Time: 16:00-17:00 (CEST)

Digital networking table on the Chocoa Digital Platform

Speaker: Anian Schreiber, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Koa


The event will be hybrid and live streamed from our studio in Amsterdam with limited offline seating capacity at the venue, but worldwide online coverage.

Get your tickets here

Keurzaal & Main Stage, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam and streamed online through the ChocoaDigital platform 




1. Quality Selection at the source

Maria Jimenez Rojas, Daarnhouwer

During this Masterclass, María will take us through the selection process of different cocoa qualities in origin.

Quality evaluation methodologies will also be explained: from the bean count and cutting analysis, to raw cocoa and liquor flavour evaluation.  She will also cover the current quality challenges faced by different origins in regards to European Food Safety regulations.



2. Fermentation: how to use fermentation to create unique cocoa qualities

Zoi Papalexandratou, ZOTO Cacao



3. International Chocolate Awards: Recommendations and insights for entrants. What makes an award winning chocolate?

Martin Christy & Monica Meschini, International Chocolate Awards



4. Chocolate machines: how to make the most of your equipment and tools to achieve the best results

Mario Vandeneede, Chocolatoa

At first sight, making chocolate seems very difficult, requiring high-tech and expensive machines. That's why it took Mario Vandeneede so long to make chocolate. "Until I came to Chocoa in 2015 and received help from various people there.

They explained to me how that you can build your own chocolate factory step by step with small investments".


In this masterclass, Mario Vandenee will tell you how he started making chocolate, which machines he built himself for this and how he converted his garden house step by step into a professional chocolate factory that meets all food safety standards.



5. Storytelling: tips & tricks on how to tell your story as a chocolate maker, trader, cocoa producer. Connect and convert

Nick Saxby & Cristina Castellanos Stephens, Cocoa Runners & Into Choco



6. How to make vegan milk and white chocolate. Two perspectives on flavour and texture

Armin Untersteiner and Julia Mikerova, Karuna en Mike & Becky

Did you know that that the term milk is used for dairy only and that a vegan "milk" chocolate can`t be called chocolate in many cases? We will go through some legal definitions of (vegan) chocolate and show different approaches to vegan mylk chocolate and vegan white bars. Based on our own trials and products we will talk about our recipe development, show a few different approaches and share some insights, tips and tricks.



7. Value addition beyond chocolate bars: drawing inspiration from juice extractions

Linda Klunder, Kumasi Drinks



8. Thinking outside the ‘chocolate’ box. How to use creativity to set yourself apart

Isobel Carse, Dormouse Chocolates

An exploration of flavour, discussing ideas for stepping beyond the bar. A masterclass devoted to looking at new ways to use your chocolate, from flavours and inclusions to pairings and tastings. The class will start with a look at the tools that we use at Dormouse Chocolates to come up with new ideas and products, before moving on to a discussion of how to curate tastings and pairings to encourage customers to explore the world of chocolate.

Side session: IICCT Alumni Community Session

15:00-17:00 (CEST)

Digital networking table on the Chocoa Digital Platform


Craft Chocolate Messaging: how can we agree a shared approach to promoting the benefits of craft chocolate to consumers?

Moderators: Kathryn Laverack, Beverley Kotey

Speakers: Cristina Castellanos Stephens, Nick Saxby, Kate Cavallin, Into Choco, Cocoa Runners, Cacao Latitudes


Towards a Fine Cacao Research Network: the need for community-building in cacao flavour science

Dr. Alex Rast, lecturer in computer science, Oxford Brooks University, Grand Jury Member for the International Chocolate Awards.


General discussion & close

18:00 End of Chocoa 2022!

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