Retail Trends & Innovations Event
Chocoa Retail Trends Event Partcipant

Horeca and retail have a special opportunity to serve the best chocolate to their guests and customers. We organize the Retail event for them, to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the field of chocolate. This year a special focus was placed on the role of storytelling as a marketing tool. Moreover, Leon Goldwater (Six & Sons) shared his expertise on “how to tell a story”.

If you have a retail store or coffee shop, and you are selling chocolate in Europe, then this is the place to be! Meet the makers behind the chocolate bars that you are selling and get to hear their stories. You will be able to inspire and inform your guests and clients.

During Chocoa the whole cocoa and chocolate industry comes together, from cocoa farmers to chocolate makers and shopkeepers. Everyone is connected through the love for chocolate. A large group of chocolate makers from the United States, Asia and Latin America is present, as well as European brands. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about chocolate and be unique in the varieties of chocolate that you offer in your store.

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Participants of Chocoa's Retail Trends Event