Women In Cocoa and Chocolate | WINCC event
Women in Cocoa and Chocolate

The WINCC event, which stands for Women in Cocoa and Chocolate, was brought to life to connect professional women in the cocoa & chocolate value chain.

Women continue to play a growing and critical role in developing a sustainable cocoa & chocolate industry. Chocoa realizes the importance of the female touch in the cocoa and chocolate industry. Hence, WINCC is happy to connect, engage and inspire you all in an event featuring experiences, a workshop on public speaking skills, while connecting to professional women in the industry.

In this workshop, public speaking coach Milou Dijkman got to the heart of the matter quickly and shared her experience when it comes to giving a clear, inspiring presentation. What are the most important ingredients for a powerful speech? And which ‘female ingredients’ can we add to empower our stories, and the way we present ourselves?

Speakers included:

Beatrice Moulianitaki, The Hershey Company
Boukje Theeuwes, Solidaridad
Jenny Samaniego – Conexión Chocolate
Magali Gay-Berthomieu – Women’s Economic Empowerment Specialist – UN Women
Caroline Lubbers, Equipoise

WINCC engages women through a digital platform, brings them together on network events, and wants to inspire women to take leadership in their sphere of influence – and also to increase their sphere of influence. Chocolate loves women as much as women love chocolate! More information on the WINCC can be found on our online WINCC page.

If you have any further questions, please mail Caroline at wincc@solidaridadnetwork.org . Be part of the growing WINCC network,  a network developed by and for women!

Women in Cocoa and Chocolate event participants
Women in Cocoa and Chocolate group discussions