20-21 Feb 2020
Beurs van Berlage
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Chocoa Business Event

Date: 20 and 21 February 2020
Time: 09.00 –  18.00h
Location: Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

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chocoa conferences

The 2020 Chocoa Conference provides a platform for discussion on sustainability and quality and a direct connection to the market through the Cocoa Fair, allowing the participants to meet cocoa producers from all over the world.

The 8th edition of the conferences promise to be thought-provoking and exciting. We are preparing a selection of highly relevant themes including; Future of Organic, Technology Driven Sustainability, Supporting Entrepreneurship of Cocoa Farmers and an overlapping topic merging Carbon footprint of a Chocolate Bar with Sustainability of the supply chain after Farm-Gate. In addition, we will have an open debate on defining the concept of Forest Friendly Chocolate.
Furthermore, a diverse mix of speakers will host interesting discussions during breakaway sessions, where the above-mentioned issues will be debated in-depth. Visitor participation is highly encouraged during these sessions. The debates will include participants from all areas of the supply-chain, from farmer to government level. The goal is to create an inclusive conversation that addresses the above issues through a holistic approach. The following 4 blocks and topics will be organised during the 2 days:

Innovation Driven Sustainability

The first block is of interest for anyone active along the entire supply chain. This block will address issues of digitalization, traceability and how technology can not only help farmers, but also the bigger buyers of cocoa. Both farmers and larger companies in cocoa will take the stage and speak about these issues and their experiences. Innovation constantly shapes market developments and the technology that comes with such innovation drives the sustainable development of the cocoa supply chain.

Supporting Farmer Entrepreneurship

The second block will focus on two main themes; addressing the barriers that still exist for farmers becoming entrepreneurs and supporting entrepreneurial ideas. This topic aims to bring the voice of farmers to center stage to hear first-hand what type of activities has made them successful in their entrepreneurial efforts and what behavior we can identify. It also goes further to ask whether there are there ‘western’ obligations to create the conditions for farmers to get a living income. Additionally, it will also address innovative ideas that are shaping the supply chain, such as rewarding carbon intake and alternative uses of the pod.

Holistic Approach to Sustainability

Kicking-off day two, this session focuses on the sustainability of the supply-chain after the farmgate level. One of the main themes of this session is transportation, the developments in this field to make it ‘greener’ and the overall cocoa supply chain cleaner. Carbon reduction is key for sustainability, thus a primary theme this block also addresses is the carbon footprint of a chocolate bar. What is the carbon footprint of various players in the industry and why is it important to know this? How can we reduce the carbon footprint? If you’re interested in the answers, make sure you sign up for this panel and join the discussion.

The Future of Organic

This final conference block is themed around ‘organic’. Is there really a boom in organic demand and why should farmers grow it? What are users looking for and why are they buying organic? No matter where you operate in the cocoa supply chain, this topic is relevant to you. Big players in the organic market will take the stage and speak about their experiences, provide market analyses and discuss why or why not the cocoa industry should take organic under closer consideration.

Introducing a new format: the Chocoa Passe-partout
This year we have decided to change the format of the B2B program by creating a ‘passe-partout’. One ticket  gives access to all B2B sessions, allowing visitors to pick and compose their personal program, by selecting their favourite topics from all that are on offer! There will be 2 main tracks consisting of the Conferences and Chocolate Makers’ Forum.
Each program will roughly have a morning block and an afternoon block. you choose a main track, but you can also move around during Chocoa – upon availability.

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Chocoa conference

Thursday 20th and Friday 21th of February 2020

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