Frequently Asked Questions

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How & where can I book my ticket?

  1. Go to the ticket shop
  2. Please look at the dates & the event you like to book a ticket for. The entire program of Chocoa stretches out over 5 days, with different events taking place simultaneously at times. In the green table you see the type of event, and below that the different tickets available. Buying a 2 day pass is a good idea if you want to pick & match your program to your own liking.
  3. Select your preferred payment method.
  4. You receive your ticket by email.

Why would I buy a combi pass?

At the event itself you are allowed to switch between events of Conference and Chocolate Maker’s Forum, but only upon availability.

Does the Trade Fair/ Conference / Chocolate Makers Forum ticket allow entry for 1 or 2 days?

The principle is this: you buy a ticket to an event for one day. Unless the event is stretched out over 2 half days, which is the case with the Conference and the Chocolate Makers Forum. For the Trade Fair, or the Festival, you buy one ticket for one day. It is also possible to buy a ticket for 2 days, but this is clearly stated in the ticket shop.

Should I print my ticket?
It is not needed. You may print it, but you can also show it on your smartphone at the registration desk. Please note that a ticket can be scanned only once.

Can I enter the venue more than one time?

Yes, you may. When you show your ticket at the registration desk, you will receive a wristband. This allows you to walk in and out of the venue as you please.

Are there lockers?

Yes. There are lockers to store your coat and other things. The costs are €10 and half is deposit, which you will get back upon returning the key. At the main entrance you will see a desk. This is where you can pick up a key.

Please note that trollies and suitcases do not fit in the lockers. There is a separate space available for that at Chocoa. Please check the information desk inside the venue.

Where can I find the prices for visiting one of the business events?

There is a price overview here

Can I also buy tickets at the door?

This year we have limited the availability of our business tickets, especially for the Conference and the Chocolate Makers’ Forum. So it might not be possible to buy your ticket at the door. We advise everyone to claim a seat before the event takes place.

Tickets for European Market Academy, Cocoa Export Training and Dinner are not available at the door anymore. Tickets for Festival, Trade Fair and Women in Cocoa and Chocolate are available at the door

I need a receipt or invoice for my ticket. Is it possible?

Yes, if you are a visitor and you have purchased your ticket online via our ticket program Eventix, then you can find a link to your receipt in the email you received from Eventix

If I am based outside of Europe, do I get the VAT back from Chocoa?

No. The reason is that Chocoa also has to pay the VAT to the Dutch tax office. However, you can claim the taxes back at the tax office in your own country.

Can I get a refund if I cannot make it?
Unfortunately not, we do not allow refunds.

I want to make a change to my booking. How do I do that?

No,  we cannot make any changes to tickets. If a change is related to you ticket, please contact our partner Eventix by email on

How does it work with the matchmaking app?

If you have bought a ticket, then you will have access to the app. However, it is not yet activated. It will happen half of February, well in time before the event takes place. The app is a great opportunity to prepare yourself for a successful Chocoa event. Via the newsletter or social media we keep you updated.

Can I still join as an exhibitor at the Trade Fair or Festival?
We just have a few booths left, so please do not wait too long. Contact us as soon as possible on to discuss the possibilities.

Which hotel should I book?
We work with several hotels in Amsterdam where you can book rooms with a discount. Please see more information about our Hotel Deals.

Of course you are allowed to find and book your own preferred hotel as well.

Please note Amsterdam is a popular place to stay, so book your hotel well in advance.

Is there coat check available during the events?

Yes, there is guarded coat check present at the Beurs van Berlage during the events. Checking in one item costs €2,00.

Can I contact the organization?
We are only available via email. Please send us your request on

I am an exhibitor, when do I receive my free tickets?
Your tickets will be sent to you beginning of February 2020. These tickets you can send out to your contacts. You don’t have to worry as long as you have paid the invoice, your tickets are secured.

I have a question about the floor plan, or the build-up times for the booth

All the information that you need to prepare your participation at the event is in a GoogleDrive for exhibitors. If you do not yet have access to that folder, please ask our event manager on

I want to join the matchmaking app, or I need my log in for the app.

All exhibitors and visitors of our business events can join the matchmaking app for free. It is not yet in active, the matchmaking starts half February. Stay informed via the newsletter or social media. Or, find more information on the app here.

If you want to join or have a question, please send an email to

Which hotel should I book?
Up to you of course. But note that Amsterdam is a very popular place to stay, and so we advise you to book your hotel well in time. Usually an average hotel room costs between €100 – €140 per night.

We have partnerships with several hotels in Amsterdam. As a visitor you receive a discount to the room and to the restaurant Bistro, which is on the square-side of the venue. Please see this page Hotel Deals.

Do visitors get a discount on their flights?

If you fly with KLM/ Air France, then yes! Via this link you will get straight into the booking page of KLM.

Where is Chocoa?

Chocoa takes place in the Beurs van Berlage, in the city center of Amsterdam?

How do I get there from Amsterdam Central Station?
The Beurs van Berlage is situated in the heart of the city, about 300 meters coming from the station. It’s a big building on your left hand, you cannot really miss it.

Where can I park my car?
Parking your car in the city is expensive (easily €7 an hour). If you can, please come by public transport.

There are, however, several options for parking in the area of the Beurs van Berlage. Right next to the Beurs is garage ‘De Bijenkorf’. Another short walk away is garage Oosterdok. For more information about parking in the area, please look here.

Can I access the venue if I am disabled?
Yes, you can. Majority of the venue is well accessible with a wheelchair for example. The main entrance has a lift. Please notify the security who will help you use the lift.

The Beurs van Berlage does not have disabled parking spaces. The Bijenkorf multi-storey car park is located next to the Beurs van Berlage.

Where can I go for lost & found items?

Lost and found items are collected and registered by the reception of the Beurs van Berlage. This is where you can go during opening times to check if your lost item has been found.

If I have a question, should I contact the Beurs van Berlage?

It depends. If your question is about tickets, prices, programs of Chocoa or something in that area, then please contact us on Do not contact the Beurs van Berlage does, as they do not have this information.

If you have a question about the history of the Beurs van Berlage, other exhibitions or the bistro restaurant then you can contact them using this website.

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Looking forward to seeing you at Chocoa 2020, from February 19th until the 23rd!

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Chocoa consists of 10 events organised on 2 locations:

European Markets Academy, Trade Fair, Chocolatier Masterclass, Horeca&Retail, Cocoa Export Training

Chocolate Makers’ Forum, WINCC, Chocoa Auction, Conference and Festival 

Beurs van Berlage | Damrak 243 | 1012 ZJ Amsterdam

Chocoa Dinner 

Hilton Amsterdam | Apollolaan 138 | 1077 BG Amsterdam