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Tickets for Chocoa 2024

Chocoa consists of 6 main B2B events, spread over several days, and a B2C chocolate festival. 


Early bid rates will apply until December 15


  • Conference and Forum - Tickets for the program of the conference and forum provide also access to the Trade Fair.

  • Trade Fair – 1 or 3 days tickets, access to trade fair only

  • Chocoa Grand Diner du Chocolat – special network dinner

  • European Market Academy – program on Tuesday 6 February

  • Cocoa Export Training – 5 day program

  • Chocolate Festival – 1 day ticket for the weekend (sales open later) 

We have two kinds of tickets for in person participation: only to the trade fair or access to all events that are live streamed from our studio as well as the trade fair.

The trade fair tickets are meant for people that only want to meet with our exhibitors. We have kept the prices very low, to allow as many people as possible to come, taste the beans and see the equipment that are on show. The ticket gives access for one day or for three days. Tickets are valid any of the three days and can be used (and scanned) only once.


Live Stream online participation

There are two ways to participate in Chocoa 2024: live in Amsterdam or through a live stream. Live stream tickets will be sold seperately.

Tickets for the virtual participation to Chocoa 2024 give access to the live stream of the Amsterdam Sustainable Cocoa Conference and the Chocolate Makers’ Forum. You will be able to share your questions during the session in the chat. There will NOT be an interactive platform like previous years, online participation is only possible by watching the live stream.

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