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The Women in Cocoa & Chocolate network organises an online session in view of the upcoming EU regulations. How can we reach are targets on women participation WHILE compliying to the upcoming regulations. Discussions on the forefront to discover where the synergy is and share inspiring cases.


Below a description of the program,  the sessions are open to all, you can register free of charge.



Women in Cocoa & Chocolate
Date: 6 December 2023

Time: 16.45 - 17.45 CET

Format: speakers, discussions and Q&A

Free registration for all (men and women)

Online WINCC sessions are organised from the perspective of the upcoming EU regulations and the link with women empowerment, as we are understanding if the new EU legislation an opportunity or a threat for cocoa & chocolate exporters.

"Breaking Molds, Shifting Minds: Women Entrepreneurs and Cocoa Sustainability"


At first sight nothing really new: the issues are known and they have not changed... But then join us on 6 December in the discussion where we will propose concrete steps to make a paradigm shift are needed! 

An inspiring bi-fold message from our speakers will include supporting women's empowerment through market driven value addition like the chocolate making as well as shifting the relationship of wife as a mere helper on cocoa farms to being partners in running family farms (businesses).


Cocoa farming is a family business where most of the work is done by women. However, the business is led by men and our technical systems do not allow it otherwise. This means women do not have access to many services and support and they cannot acquire technical knowledge. In disbalance with their share of the workload, women are not recognised let alone supported by our systems in place. On the pathway to sustainable cocoa it is an indispensable step to make sure women are included and supported. 

Additionally, women can better work on value addition in the cocoa sector develop entrepreneurship of which everybody will benefit. The success case we will share will leave you a very sweet taste! 



Margreet Groot Founder of Meraki: Redefining Roles: empowering women and shifting mindsets for the future of cocoa sustainability


Leticia YankeyCocoa producer and Director of Cocoa Mmaa

The sweet - and serious - potential of value addition and women entrepreneurship in cocoa 


Followed by interactive Q&A: we would love to hear your stories!


As well as a sneak preview of what WINCC network is transforming to, in order to more effectively ‘ Break Molds andShift Minds’ for Women Entrepreneurship and Cocoa Sustainability.


See you online next Wednesday!

WINCC Network

Previous session - Wednesday 11 October 16.45-17.45 CET

An opportunity for women empowerment, taken by Cordillera Chocolate

Cocoa production is decisively linked with women and sustainable value chains are too. But how indispensable are women to a sustainable cocoa value chain? And how can women empowerment actually impact our targets on a sustainable value chain?

Recently Cordillera Chocolates (the B2B business of Colombia’s Compañía Nacional de Chocolates) launched a hugely ambitious program that aims to generate a long-term transformation for women cocoa producers, enabling a more just, thriving, equitable and inclusive value chain. ‘ATENEA – Women Who Transcend’ is a sustainability initiative with a ‘higher purpose,’ developing the capacities of rural cocoa-growing women to improve their quality of life and that of their families and communities while maintaining Colombia’s unique ecosystem.


The WINCC network has spoken with Cordillera Chocolates to hear more about their women led program and ambitions. Natalie Quintero Zuluaga (B2B Global Marketing Director), Alejandra Sarasty (Chief Global B2B Officer) and Juan Fernando Valenzuela (Director of Purchasing and Agricultural Development) have joined us to share their experiences and impact of the program. An inspiring case to dive into and learn from their approach and solutions. How does Cordillera ensure transparency and deforestation free cocoa? An important step to become compliant to the new EU regulations. We will also focus on how empowering women had impact on families and communities, and on reaching sustainability and business goals. This actually has a positive impact on reaching the necessary requirements of the upcoming EU regulations.

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