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The Women in Cocoa & Chocolate network organises a live event again, at the oppening of the Amsterdam Cocoa Week!

Join us to start of the week in the best possible way, meet new women and known friends and colleagues to be inspired and network.



Women in Cocoa & Chocolate
Date: 5 February 2024

Time: 19.00 - 21.00 CET

Free registration for all women

Have you every noticed that decision makers often don’t represent the stakeholders? A more sustainable and prosperous supply chain requires more representative decision making. The gender gap in supply chains today especially in the cocoa sector is an indicator of the value and power inequality. It is also a basic gap recognized as part of the new EU directives on human rights. No impact on this gap, means no progress on sustainability. Shaping a more representative and sustainable sector with more representative decision making is a necessary vehicle for a more sustainable sector.


And what else can lead from giving more space to women in the value chain? Hear inspiring examples from women in origin what their vision is on women empowerment and value addition in cocoa.


And of course we network and make sure you have the best start to grow your connections and impact in the upcoming days of th Amsterdam Cocoa Week!

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