chocolate makers’ forum

Chocoa 2020 - Chocolate Makers' Forum w/ Auro Chocolates

The 2020 Chocolate Makers’ Forum was a brilliant opportunity to share your experience and learn from colleagues. The program, spread over 4 blocks and 2 days, covered many topics that are interesting for chocolate makers from all levels and backgrounds. The main topics discussed were:

  • Creating impact through cocoa sourcing strategies
  • Building a sustainable craft chocolate sector
  • Graft the Craft: Benefiting from another sectors experience
  • Beyond the Bar: Products other than chocolate bars

In between the sessions, participants had time to wander over the Trade Fair and meet with nearly 100 exhibitors from more than 40 origins such as machine makers or service suppliers, exporters importers and farmers from all around the world. Moreover, free lunch, coffee and drinks on Friday were provided for speakers and participants.

Chocoa 4 Business Matchmaking

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Market place


Trade Fair Matchmaking


Academy programme


During the European Markets Academy, you will join us on a journey through the heart of the cocoa industry in Amsterdam. Starting the day with a workshop programme at the historical trade center the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, you will be learn about the European market for chocolate. More on the programme here

After the seminars we will visit the harbor of Amsterdam for a tour to one of the largest cocoa warehouses. Hier you will receive a typical Dutch lunch. After the visit we will continue with a visit to the largest cocoa processor and a bean to bar chocolate making company.