Get Your Ticket to Chocoa 2021

Why attend Chocoa 2021?

Chocoa connects the entire cocoa and chocolate industry from the farmer to consumer, from mainstream to specialty chocolate. All to improve sustainability. Get ready for 3 days of virtual networking, knowledge exchange, and business opportunities in February. This is not your standard webinar. This is Chocoa 2021.

Price Overview

With a Chocoa 2021 ticket you can participate in the Chocolate Makers’ Forum (CMF), the Amsterdam Sustainable Cocoa Conference (ASCC), and dedicated matchmaking and networking opportunities.

Reduced prices extended until February 14th, at noon (CET)

CHOCOA 2021 Reduced Price Regular Price
Day ticket Wednesday 24th* €100 €150
Day ticket Thursday 25th* €100 €150
Day ticket Friday 26th €100 €150
Full event* €190 €290

*Includes a Free Friday ticket
The prices above are listed excluding VAT

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